Saturday, December 5, 2015

Unemployment Day 1

It's been a while since I've written anything on this blog. As the title of this post suggests, I no longer have a job. I could make it a long drawn out story as to why I no longer have a job, but I think it's better that I leave short and sweet. The short of it is, I followed my own advice and at the same time I went against my own advice. Here's what I mean; for years I would tell people that "if you hate your job, quit." I also would tell them that "it's really stupid to quit a job when you don't have another job to go to." So what did I do? I hated my job so I quit...without another job... and I've never been happier.

Today is the first day unemployed. I've not not had a job since we quit our jobs in Las Vegas in 2008 and moved to Austin. It only took a month and a half for me to find a temp job and start working again. It took me another few months to find a permanent position and be working full-time. I thought that I would be more scared this point, And maybe next week, on Monday morning, when I have no job to go to, the fear will kick in, but as of right now I feel alive. I feel invigorated. I feel excited. I feel like I took the only obstacle out of my life that was stopping me from moving forward. Frankly, I feel FUCKING AMAZING!

So what am I doing on my first day of unemployment? Hell, it's Saturday so I'm doing nothing! I cleaned up the kitchen. I've made breakfast and coffee. I'm contemplating cleaning the house, but instead I'm watching a little television. I might box for little bit. I decided to write for a little bit as you can see. I've also danced in my kitchen, sang around the house, and I've been smiling all day so far.

I didn't quite expect this to be my reaction to being unemployed. I thought I would be a lot more stressed out. I thought I'd be spending this first day digging into job postings trying to apply for whatever I could. I thought that I'd be learning a skill or practicing my Excel workbooks and worksheets, trying to get ahead of the game before Monday hit, and I realize that my world has completely changed when I wake up and have nowhere to go. My relaxed attitude kind of scares me. Maybe it's because I expected myself to react differently. Maybe my relaxed attitude because my gut is telling me what I did was right and that what's waiting ahead for me is infinitely better than what I'm leaving behind. As for the rest of today, I'm going to continue on this happiness hi that I'm riding right now.

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